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The 5 rings of the Olympic flag represent Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas, they are linked together in friendship. Every national flag of the world has at least one of the rings colors, blue, black, green, yellow, and red. The Olympic flame is lit at Olympia in Greece every two years Summer and Winter Olympics before it journeys to the next host nation where it is paraded around until the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron at the opening ceremony.

The prize for event winners in the Ancient Olympics was an olive branch wreath. Due to the two World Wars there were no Olympic Games in , or Tug of war was contested as a team event at every Summer Olympics from to Extreme Sports Facts.

Olympics Fun Facts

Winter Olympics Facts. Athletic competitions took place every four years near Olympia, Greece, during a religious festival honoring Zeus.

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But after these ancient Olympic Games faltered, the idea was revived in in Athens, and the event featured around athletes all male, booo who hailed from 13 countries and competed in 43 events. Yep, we were confused too.

How will Team USA fare this year? Only time will tell. Nowadays, though, the medals contain a mere fraction of the gold content of those early editions. The first Olympics were dudes-only , but women have been working their way into — and winning — events since then. American Eddie Eagan has this distinction. In , Eagan took home gold in boxing. He later earned a gold medal at the Lake Placid Games in the team bobsled event.

Summer Olympic Games Facts for Kids

Daniel Carrol first won gold in Rugby representing Australia in and then again in for the United States. Hans-Gunnar Liljenwall, a Swedish Pentathlete, tested positive for alcohol. He purportedly drank several beers before the Pentathlon and was thus suspended from the competition. The youngest Olympian in the modern era is Greek gymnast Dimitrios Loundras, who competed in the Athens Olympics at the age of Skip to main content.

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