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Sailing For Dummies J. Dutch For Dummies Margreet Kwakernaak. Back cover copy Learn to use all the features of your Rebel T2i and start shooting like a pro No question about it, your Canon Rebel T2i is a picture-taking powerhouse. But don't let all its fabulous features overwhelm you! Here's a comparison gallery to check out.

If you want to see even more, full resolution shots, there's a Flickr link if you scroll down a bit.

Canon U.S.A., Inc. | EOS Rebel T2i

Bottom line, the T2i does well with low light until you push the ISO speed beyond where the image can get so grainy it's not worth taking. That said, an entry-level DSLR producing truly acceptable images at ISO , and occasionally tolerable ones at ISO heck, even the ISO street scene above looks decent , is kind of remarkable—it's trickle-down tech of the most democratic order, and it will provide a really nice amount of flexibility for beginning shooters, letting you do more with natural light before possibly getting into the more advanced lighting techniques like you might see on the Strobist.

At this point, I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Most of the samples are low light, since that what you guys tend to ask about the most. Click the grid to be taken to full-size samples. Video is in fact, perhaps most axiomatic of the T2i's ability to scale with a first-time DSLR owner as their skill grows. Unlike its predecessor, the T1i—or even the professional 5D Mark II before a firmware update—it's not at all artificially limited. It shoots h. It's mostly excellent, and I'd venture, to the average eye, nigh indistinguishable from any video the 7D produces.

With the video I've shot, I stuck to producing casual lifestyle content—puppies, parties, concerts—using simply the kit lens. Most of the cuts I provide here lean toward low light, so you can get a feel for the way it performs under strain. Though you can obviously tell by looking at the video, noise starts to become an issue around ISO , and deeply problematic by ISO unless you're going for that look , but it's to be expected. I tend to dislike the 60fps video because it feels a lot more like digital video, so it's unfortunate that you're stuck at that framerate when you want to shoot at p to save space or processing speed or both.

Latest sample galleries

And converting 60fps to 24fps in post to recreate the look is a pain. One of these clips is shot by the T2i. The other is shot by the vastly more expensive 1D Mark IV, using the same settings. Can you tell which is which? You can imagine a natural arc—used to shoot the things a Flip isn't good enough more , maybe with the kit lens or just a cheap prime.

Wobbly jello motion if you pan too fast? Though it's much better than the very earliest DSLR video. Maximum clip limits?

Yep, still 12 minutes, because of file format restrictions. Bring your own stereo mic? Awkward controls? Yes, though the T2i's are the most intuitive around, precisely because it's designed to be a beginner's camera: There's a dedicated movie mode on the dial, and the record button has been placed far more gracefully next to it, for easy, but not accidental, thumb access.

How to Take Great Portraits with the Canon T2i (550D)

The simple controls shouldn't intimidate you for long, plus it can hold your hand a decent bit of the way, thanks to clever innovations like the Creative Auto Mode. But the T2i may also be the ideal last DSLR, as it offers most of the performance of a camera that's twice the price, albeit in a slightly more pedestrian body. If I were a filmmaker choosing between a single 7D or dual T2is for multi-angle shoots?

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