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Top Stories. Laurie Dalrymple: Wolves managing director leaves club in shock departure.

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Wolves Last updated: 7 hours ago. West Midlands Police officer sent hundreds of sexual messages to vulnerable victims. Wednesbury Last updated: 10 hours ago. Delayed Wolverhampton Civic Hall revamp restarting in autumn after Shaylor collapse. Wolverhampton Last updated: 10 hours ago. Christian doctor would not refer to any '6ft-tall bearded man as madam'.

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Caravan filled with rubbish dumped in Wednesfield. Many of us football fans who have never followed the games in such a close way are following the games for one major reason:.

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The world cup is today being held for the first time on our soil, in our homeland, on a continent filled with the blood of suffering and pain. This is the homecoming for many. It is without a doubt that this is also an emotional celebration. The World Cup is not just being held in Africa; it is being held in South Africa, the home of pain and suffering under the evils of racism. Africans may have many problems, but the unity between nations is being tested.

Ask an African to tell you who they support when an African team is up against a non-African team, and they will tell you they support the African team. It does not matter that we speak different Colonial Languages from region to region or from country to country. What matters is that Africans know that the languages and borders are only creations of an outside force.

In your presence I rediscovered my name; My name that was hidden under the pain of separation; I rediscovered the eyes no longer veiled with fever; And your laughter like a flame piercing the shadows, Has revealed Africa to me beyond the snow of yesterday; Ten years my love. With days of illusions and shattered ideas; And sleep made restless with alcohol; The suffering that burdens today with the taste of tomorrow; And that turns love into a boundless river;.

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In your presence I have rediscovered the memory of my blood; And necklaces of laughter hung around our days; Days sparkling with ever new joys. I was listening when the commentator of the game between Ivory Coast and Portugal exclaimed that it is amazing that all of Africans at the stadium are cheering the African teams. Is that supposed to be a surprise? Ebooks and Manuals

The games now being played on our soil are a cause for celebration that not only is the world coming together, but that Africa will prevail against the odds. You are commenting using your WordPress. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her two cats and travelling. Sherlyn Popelka Gallery. Get In Touch with Sherlyn Popelka. Error boy.

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