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When writing the rest of it I was inspired by my Mexican roots and how unapologetic and unfiltered their writing is over mariachi songs or their traditional music. Gino: The music video was something else. I felt like an all-female cast was meant as a message, was it?

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And can you tell us more about the video, which you directed as well? When the time came for me to direct a video for the single, I posted a casting call on my Instagram for woman of all ages, shapes, sizes, color including drag queens. The response was overwhelming and I knew I had to push the video in this direction.

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I had an 8-hour casting call where I had long conversations with girls about society and the daily oppression that is not talked about often enough. That happened around the time the videos started coming out of LAU about the importance of virginity which made us all very frustrated. I decided to just throw a party with unapologetic everyday real women and drag queens and just shoot.

I wanted to showcase an environment that is not generally exposed, especially in our region and give representation. It was genuine moments that I had a blast editing.

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What I really wanted to include aesthetically was Lebanese influences that highlighted the context we were in. I included, tawlet zahr, Aarak, Shawarma etc…. Sequence alteration in the genomic DNA is the fuel driving the course of evolution. Without such mutations, no changes would occur in populations of species to allow them to adapt to changes in the environment. Mutations in the DNA of germline cells fall into three categories with respect to their impact on evolution.

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Most have no effect on phenotype; these include sequence changes in the large portion of the genome that neither codes for protein, or is involved in gene regulation or any other process. Some of these neutral mutations will become prevalent in a population of organisms or fixed over long periods of time by stochastic processes. Other mutations do have a phenotype, one that is advantageous to the individuals carrying it.

These mutations are fixed in populations rapidly i. Other mutations have a detrimental phenotype, and these are cleared from the population quickly.