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Politicians and businesspeople dissemble and misrepresent and spin and prevaricate and mask the truth, but they prefer to avoid out-and-out lying. They have some shame, or at least a fear of getting caught. But lying willfully, adamantly, without distress or regret, and with absolute disregard of consequences can be a bulwark if not a fail-safe defense.

White House Siege

It turns out that somebody always believes you. In other areas, Siege parrots dumb political narratives. Or you could see Trump as a desperate propagandizer with, even for him, a shamelessly flimsy story, one that was transparent in its efforts to manipulate the dangerous and toxic emotions of people inclined to regard it as true. What is regarded as truth—as opposed to what is true—is what Wolff is really interested in.

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Siege is notable less for its analysis of Trump than for the sheer number of gossipy anecdotes it contains, ranging from the plausible to the dubious. That Mohammed bin Salman is believed to be a cocaine addict; that Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell is trying to block Trump from running for a second-term, and that McConnell wants Haley to take his place.

'I'm a popularist': Trump struggles with Bannon's coaching in Woodward book

Some of it is more newsworthy, but of questionable veracity: Wolff claims that Mueller drafted an indictment of Trump but chickened out. The office of the special counsel denies there is a draft indictment; Wolff has, in recent interviews, revised his assessment of the documents he saw. His claim that institutional journalists are inherently compromised is a typically self-righteous, if intriguing, response. As a result, there is a perverse incentive to hold back in the reporting, to dole out praise, and to work with the powerful to craft narratives that are mutually advantageous.

In Michael Wolff’s New Book, Siege, Everyone Thinks Trump Is Crazy | Vanity Fair

He can burn any bridge he wants. But, as Siege proves, it also leads to a general sloppiness. For one thing, while Wolff may believe that Bannon is Virgil in a hunting jacket, the former White House chief strategist has his own agenda. For another, rumors in Washington—like rumors everywhere else—are often spread with ulterior motives.

This, too, is a kind of binary.

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But the Trump era has, to some extent, erased many of these distinctions. Two-and-a-half years into the administration, journalists, scrupulous and un, are driven by palace intrigue. The White House is an imperial court, with Trump as fickle monarch and everyone else befuddled nobles trying to respond to his whims. There is, of course, a place for this.

Full of Fire and Fury, Signifying Nothing

After Banning's successful rescue of President Asher, the president was eventually reunited with his son Connor and treated for his gunshot wound. Banning's heroics inside the White House resulted in him being reinstated to the Presidential Detail. After the wound has mended, President Asher delivers an inspirational speech about the lives who were lost in the attack and his assurance that America will rebuild. Washington Monument was also being repaired due to the damage.

Epic Assault of the White House in Amazing FPS Game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

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Vice President Charlie Rodriguez. The helicopter suicide bombing in the North Lawn results in the deaths of hostages Admiral Joe Hoenig and Mary Jane Fuller , as well as a few terrorists. President Asher gets shot while trying to fight Kang, but Banning kills Kang after a brutal hand-to-hand combat. The Siege Edit. Key members of the Koreans for United Freedom listed in uncovered files.