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But, an honest person will own up to the lie and admit the truth. Are you honest about who you are and what you believe, or do you cater your answers and change them based on who is listening? Like integrity and honesty, consistency is a crucial factor in building trust with others. Are you considered reliable or would people say you are pretty flaky? Do you come through for others when you say you will?

Are you keeping the commitments, big and small, that you make to others? The kind of consistency that builds trust is the kind that others can rely on. Can others trust that your intentions are not solely self-preserving? Are you the type to throw someone else under the bus to save your own reputation, or will you sacrifice yourself? People need to believe that your intentions are good and that you will act on them no matter what. Mistakes may happen and things may go wrong, but if those around you can sincerely point to a track record of your good intentions and actions upon them, you will easily be forgiven.

How would you feel if anybody and everybody listened in on your conversations? How would you feel if your spouse were browsing your text messages and emails? This is one of the most divisive hurdles we hear about. Of course, there are gifts and surprises that we would like to keep private, but aside from those circumstances, full disclosure is critical in building trust with people that are important to you. So, how do you fare?

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With the five characteristics above, where are you at? Would you give yourself a gold star or are there areas you could improve? It is easy to point the finger at other people, even our partner, but becoming trustworthy is the first step in building trust in your relationship. If, however, you are faced with much jealousy and distrust, and your partner shows a lot of the characteristics above, there is a different route for you. In order to build trust, you need to practice trusting. You cannot grow past your natural distrust until you give your partner room to show you that they are, in fact, trustworthy.

This is the place I find myself. My husband has done everything possible to earn my trust, and still, something deep inside doubts him.

I have a natural disposition toward suspicion. My husband, trustworthy as he is, has never responded defensively to my doubts. He is more than I deserve in every way, and given my immense baggage , he is beyond patient with me.

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And, it is not all one-sided. Tony certainly benefits from his unending patience and transparency. Over time, I question him less and less. I get excited when he makes plans to spend time with his friends, or even to see a movie alone late at night. He has built this bank of trust in our relationship that gives him much freedom. We all want to be trusted. It is important because, once we are trusted, once we are believed in, we are given more freedom and grace than we could ever need.

When you are trustworthy, nobody looks at you sideways. Nobody wonders if you mean what you say or if you will come through on your promise. Some are more, or less, trusting by nature and experience. The level of trust will also vary depending on the sensitivity of the issue at hand, and the consequences for the individual. For now, just challenge yourself and look for the evidence that you have got the level of trust right. Written for Senior Managers, Directors and Executives. The Influence Blog Weekly insights on influence, especially in large organisations, relevant to senior managers and executives.

View Terms and Conditions. Kashyk: Captain, do you trust me?

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Janeway: instantly Not for a second. Kashyk: Exactly, and why should you? Trust has to be earned. It's gradual, and yet it's the foundation of every relationship, professional and personal. It's also a concept alien to the telepathic races. Why take someone at their word when you can simply read their mind? Janeway: Do you trust me, Chakotay? Chakotay: That isn't the issue. Janeway: Oh, but it is. Only yesterday you were saying that we'd face this together, that you'd be at my side.

Chakotay: I still have to tell you what I believe. I'm no good to you if I don't do that. Janeway: I appreciate your insights, but the time for debate is over. I've made my decision. Evelyn: Do you trust me? Evelyn: Okay, but you know I have your best interest at heart. Don't you? Travis: Then trust my ambition. You will be the new keeper of the secret. Video Games. In League of Legends , if you pick Ahri as your champion, she'll open up with "Don't you trust me?

This goes both ways as she has a nasty reputation of a soul-sucking seductress and in the same time, she's trying to lure you, the player, into her thrall due to her charm. Though she won't actually suck the player's soul, she's kind of like that. If you choose to keep holding onto it, he's visibly hurt that you don't trust him. Early in the game, Raynor is the only one who believes the de-infested Kerrigan is trustworthy, even over her own objections. When he is captured by the Dominion, she goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge to get him back.

In order to gain the power she needs to defeat Arcturus and the Greater-Scope Villain , she is remade into a Primal Zerg form , similar to her infested state. Thus when she rescues Raynor, she appears to him to have gone back to her old, sociopathic self. The truth is somewhere in the middle.

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She asks him if he still trusts her, while putting his gun in his hand and pointing it at her own head. He weighs the decision carefully, and then fires — into the wall next to her, because he needs her alive. Kerrigan: : hesitantly You were the only one who ever believed in me. Do you Subverted in Otherworld : Katlyn: Do you trust me? Eden: Not at all. Katlyn: Then this will be scary. Western Animation. Teen Titans : Terra says this to Beast Boy, complete with the Aladdin hand up right before she takes him out on a date and Titans Tower is attacked. During this, the daughter of the accountant he impersonates wants to learn how to ride a bike.

When she has trouble riding straight, Zeta tells her to stabilize by going faster, and says this. Penfold: Eh? Penfold: Oh, go on.

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You can tell me. I'm a trustee. Penfold: All right, then.