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The Bold Grenadier (One Morning In May)

As I went a walking one morning in May, I met a young couple who fondly did stray, And one was a young maid so sweet and so fair, And the other was soldier and a brave grenadier. Refrain : 2. From out of his knapsack he took a fine fiddle And he played her such merry tunes that you ever did hear And he played her such merry tunes that the valley did ring And they both sat down together to hear the nightingale sing. Jo Stafford The Nightingale.

Sito web. Questo sito usa Akismet per ridurre lo spam. Scopri come i tuoi dati vengono elaborati. No, grazie Si, attiva. Crea sito. La ribellione irlandese del Jacobite by name! I don't know if this is a mis-naming or a third version. This recording was included in on the Veteran anthology of traditional music making from Mid-Suffolk, Many a Good Horseman. John Howson commented in the album's liner notes:. This 19 th century ballad that warns of the unreliability of soldiers does not seem to have reached Scotland or Ireland, yet was extremely prevalent in America and Canada.

In England it seems to have been mainly found in southern counties, particularly in the west country: Cecil Sharp collected it from no less that nine different singers in Somerset between and and H. Hammond noted it down four times in Dorset around the same time. This recording was included in on Dunn's Musical Traditions anthology Chainmaker.

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His version is quite near to the one of Caroline Hughes. They commented in their liner notes:. It is often called The Soldier and the Lady.

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Freud would have been interested in its symbolism. Luke's tune is a member of the Polly Oliver family. John Conolly sings it here in the ornamented style of Joseph Taylor. He commented in his sleeve notes:. This is yet another song I learnt from the late John McGrath.

One Morning In May

Ruairidh and Alvina Greig commented in the sleeve notes:. Versions of this song have frequently been noted in England and in North America, although some early collectors considered it rather unsuitable for publication. Frank does not remember it being much sung in his area. There is a close similarity between his version and the ones sung by singers we have recorded in North Lincolnshire. It is a good example of the use of symbolism in folksong to describe amatory encounters. John Howson commented in the latter's liner notes:.

Hammond collected five variants in Somerset and Dorset between including one from W.

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The song was also popular in other parts of the country and frequently turns up in America. Vic Gammon commented in the album's notes:. This Hardyesque tale of seduction and betrayal was collected by the Hammond Brothers in Dorset.

One Morning in May

Nature and musical imagery juxtaposed with the selfishness of the soldier create a tension that gives the song its lasting interest. He noted:. This song I seem to have known forever. I think I first learned it from my sister Katherine on long car journeys when we were kids.

To Hear the Nightingale Sing One Morning in May

He sang it in on his double CD Ramble Away. Rosie noted:.

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  • Brian Peters and John Howson noted:. The well-known To Hear the Nightingales Sing can be traced back as far as , although its popularity in tradition is probably down to nineteenth century broadsides. They noted:.

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    I've always sung it. You know how singers have a repertoire of songs, and some songs go in and out of fashion, and you get fed up with some? I found an old song list from about 30 years ago, and there were some on there where I thought, I don't even know what that song is!